Liverpool has had a lot of changes in the goal keeping section for years now and Coach Jurgen Kloop wants Loris Karius to take over. Since the premier League era of the Reds, let’s take a look at some other shot stoppers that have graced the position.

Former manager Bob Paisley convinced Bruce Grobbelaar to join Liverpool from Vancouver Whitecaps far back in 1982. Grobbelaar joined and went on to become one of the most successful, if not the most, for the club. By the time he left, he was one of the most long standing goal keepers with his record of around 600 games at Anfield. He won six league titles, three FA Cup medals, two League Cup trophies, and one European Cup medal whilst in action for the Reds. He was the top choice in between the sticks until 1993.

The English goal keeper David James joined from understudying Grobbelaar, he eventually got his chance. James was in goal when the changes began to happen in the Premier League in the 90s. The money began to come into the League around that time. He was enjoyed decent success at the club, winning the League Cup in 1995. He was replaced by Dutchman Sander Westerveld.

Westerveld won a lot of titles at the club despite the short time he spent. In two seasons at the club, he racked up the League Cup medal, an FA Cup medal, and a UEFA Cup medal. After him was Polish goal keeper in Jerzy Dudek. His performance in arguably the club’s greatest comeback in the 2005 UEFA Champions League final against AC Milan would never be forgotten at Anfield.

Former coach Rafael Benitez eventually brought Pepe Reina to take over as number 1. Pepe is easily the best keeper in Liverpool’s recent history. Brazilian Diego Cavalieri didn’t play in the domestic league as Reina was in charge but he took charge at the domestic tournaments. Cavalieri didn’t stay long and had to leave. Brad Jones, another back up for Reina took over fully in 2010 and held the forte until Simon Mignolet took over in 2014. Karius has his chance now to write his name in the sands of time at the club, as many others that have passed before him.