Vermes Reveals Thoughts About Alliance

The Brazilian side Fluminense is currently in the top 5 spots of the Brazilian league with a 3-0 victory over Palmeiras aiding in their charge of competing against the best teams in their country and things have turned even better for Fluminense after announcing their alliance and partnership with MLS club Sporting Kansas City.

A few weeks ago in August, it was officially announced to the public that a partnership between Sporting Kansas City and Fluminense had been completed and this will allow that both clubs have player loans, transfers and academy exchanges through the 2016 season.

The alliance also includes having the managerial staff of both clubs exchanging coaching philosophies and even marketing tactics.

Peter Vermes is the head coach of Sporting Kansas City and the American tactician was the first to reveal details concerning this alliance.

“They’re first-class people. They have a great vision. They’re a lot like us in that they’re trying to do very innovative things within the Brazilian league that haven’t been done before. We will share in coaching philosophies, both on the senior team and the academy. We will share players both on the senior team and on the academy. We’ll be able to send players down to Brazil to gain additional experience, and Fluminense will be able to do the same with us. . We will probably in some way, shape or form play a game against each other. “Vermes said.

Brazil is a country where many world-class players are born and started developing their skills before going on to join top European clubs and this abundance of producing so many promising players is one of the main reasons on why Peter Vermes said that Sporting Kansas City decided to work in a more intimate level with the Brazilian club Fluminense.