Culpi is beginning to shape Fluminense

It’s been less than 1 month since Levir Culpi took charge of Fluminense but he is already making big changes in the Brazilian club and he has kicked things off by altering the training routine of the squad.

Levir Culpi stated that these changes that he has been making with Fluminense are things that helped him in getting better results during his time with his former club Atletico Mineiro.

When Levir Culpi was in charge of Atletico Mineiro, he managed to lift the Brazil Cup and the South American Recopa title, before being let go. The 63 year old coach is hoping that he can replicate those kinds of results with Fluminense.

There are also rumors going on involving potential reinforcements as Levir Culpi is believed to be keeping in close touch with certain players that he wants to add to his team and attempt to make the title winning process easier for Fluminense, and the club’s link up with Pokies Palace Mobile will certainly help generate funds for new players.

One of the players who is rumored of joining Levir Culpi and his team is Thiago Ribeiro who used to perform in Atletico Mineiro. The 30 year old attacker is reportedly being viewed as a player that can reinforce the offensive department of Fluminense but it might be difficult to sign him as he has recently penned a loan deal with Bahia.

Despite having spent a fairly short amount of time in charge of Fluminense, Levir Culpi has already identified a few of the flaws of his team is that the squad is unbalanced with some areas of the squad being much better than others and one of the ways that Culpi is planning to solve these issues is by signing new players and cover these weaknesses.
It seems like Levir Culpi has big plans for Fluminense but at the end of it all, the results will do all the talking and will be the most important thing.