The manager of Fluminense, Abel Braga, has praised Frederico Chaves Guedes for his brilliant goal towards the end of the match against Vasco da Gama and has said that Fred is currently the best forward in Brazil.

In the match against Vasco da Gama, Fluminense was trailing by 0-1 and there were only three minutes to go. It seemed that Fluminense might not get any point from this match. But, Fred had other ideas. With an angular header, he put the ball into the post and made sure that his team would get at least one point.

Earlier in the match, Fred had lost two easy chances, but, with his sensational strike towards the end, he made up for that.

Talking to the reporters in the post match press conference, Braga said, “The chance that he got towards the end was not as easy as the earlier ones, but, he latched on that chance and certainly made up for the earlier mistakes.”

“I think he is the best forward going around in Brazil at the moment. The goal that he scored was absolutely fantastic. He got a decent cross, but, from that angle, it was not easy to place the header to perfection. But, he did that wonderfully. That’s why, I rate him so highly. He has the capability of converting even half chances into goals. We are blessed to have a player like him in the squad.”

However, Braga admitted that his team needs to improve its game a bit. The Fluminense manager said, “It was certainly not a flawless performance by us. We missed the target quite a few times and we certainly need improvement in our game.”

Fluminense will take on Caracas in its next match on Thursday.