The former Liverpool goalkeeper Diego Cavalieri has recently won the award for being the best goalkeeper in Brazil. The Brazilian has managed to establish himself as one of the first-team regulars at Fluminense, who are one of the biggest clubs in Brazil.

His impressive performances for the club this season have led to the title of being the best goalkeeper in Brazil. After winning the award, the 29-year-old said that he is extremely happy to be playing for Fluminense, while he would be happy to extend this stay for the rest of his life. Suffering a defeat in the final of the Libertadores 2012 at the hands of the Argentine club Boca Juniors will actually be a good thing according to the goalkeeper.

He has said that the club will be able to concentrate even more on the next edition of the tournament. He has said that the defeat is a lesson that has been learnt in the hard way. The goalkeeper has also praised the management and the club’s board for having a clear direction that they want the club to take in the future. This coupled with the strong playing squad means that Fluminense is the place to be according to Cavalieri.

“Every game you take a lesson, an experience. We knew the quality of Boca. Surely we left very strong after that game, so we had a sprint to the Brazilian title. It’s a strong group. What’s important is that maintained the direction, coaching staff, the base. It is important for you to walk toward the goals. I am very happy at Fluminense. I intend to keep well to extend my contract and stay long at Fluminense,” said the goalkeeper after winning the award. The player has also said that he cannot wait for the next Libertadores season to start.