The Fluminense goalkeeper Diego Cavalieri has said that he is extremely delighted to have lifted the title with his team, although he is disappointed that it has also subsequently meant that his former club Palmeiras are now facing relegation from division. Fluminense and Palmeiras was recently involved in a 3-2 match between the two teams.

Diego Cavalieri was playing for Fluminense in this match and he helped the team get the three points. This in turn helped them get to the Brasileirão title on Sunday. The match was played at the Braga Municipal Stadium. Diego Cavalieri played at this ground for six seasons before moving to Liverpool.

The 18th placed team in the division – Palmeiras – will now be unable to get away from the relegation zone since there are only three matches remaining in the season. The former Liverpool keeper did not hide his sadness by saying that everyone was the reason for this sadness. He has also said that he experienced the prospect of relegation back in 2002, and has said that it is one of the toughest moments of this career. Palmeiras helped him become the athlete and the player he has become today, and it is sad to see them get relegated.

“I am saddened. Everyone knows the story that I had there. Palmeiras is the club that formed me as an athlete and person. I experienced the situation in 2002 [relegation] and I know how hard it is. They have the chance to escape so I’ll keep hoping for them as they are a club which I have great affection for. We have always been aware of what we wanted and our potential. Congratulations to the planning board and the coaching staff for managing the group, which is not easy,” said the former Liverpool man after the match.