Ricardo Goulart says Dunga will probably keep a look on all

According to Ricardo Goulart, the fact that quite a few of the Brazil internationals are turning to the Asian Leagues, the national manager Dunga will probably keep a look on all of them now and keep them in the reckoning for call ups in future.

Generally, in the past, the players joining the Asian Leagues would go out of contention for the national team call ups, but, in the opinion of Goulart, now, with some renowned players like Renato Augusto preferring to take up the offer coming from Asia, the Brazilian managers, the current one or the ones coming in future, will have to change that perspective.

Goulart himself also made way to China the previous year despite knowing that his international career might come to a halt because of that decision of his.

He believes it was the correct option for him to choose at that particular point of time.

However, the 24-year old has not stopped dreaming of featuring for Selecao again.

Goulart had worn the Brazilian colours for the first time in 2014 versus Ecuador and it has been the only appearance that he has made at the international level to date.

But, he believes his consistent form in China would be acknowledged by Dunga, the current Brazil manager and he would give him the second opportunity.

Speaking to a Chinese TV channel, Goulart said, “I am very much optimistic and I think now with Renato coming in, Dunga would try to keep an eye on the proceedings in this League in China.”

“If he wants, he can get the information from the fellow Brazilians working over here, the likes of Scolari and others.”

“It’s all about what the manager feels. If he is impressed by your form, you can get the call up no matter where you are playing your Football.”