Botafogo will Not Deal with Any Renovations Except Cavalieri

The football department for Botafogo seems to have become paralyzed for the next season. It will not be possible for them to become a company and also to have a group of investors who is willing to put in money for reinforcing the cast for the upcoming year. The main reason behind this is that the players’ contract renewals that have been bonded with Botafogo football department only till the end of this year are not willing to move. In fact, warnings have been already given to Rodrigo Pimpao, who was once an important player for the team that he will not have the right to stay in the same squad.

The only player who has been exempted from this is the goalkeeper Diego Cavalieri. He has gained the confidence of everyone in the club during his stay. The leaders, in fact, have understood that a player will not think of losing the possibility of renewing his contract with a big name. It also does not have any connection with the reserve condition.

Diego Cavalieri is also one of the names who have given every effort, particularly for the training sessions. Currently, he is 36 years of age but still many of the leaders have approached him for having the preliminary talks. They have welcomed the fact that if it is possible, then they might even extend his contract for another year as well. It is being heard that negotiations for the next term of the contract will take place in the coming week.

It is known that Diego Cavalieri will remain as the goalkeeper for Botafogo’s next match that they will play for the Brazilian Championship. They will be facing Atletico-MG for round 18. The match will be held at the Nilton Santos Stadium located in Rio de Janeiro.